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E Many people who do not eat animal products make decisions for health reasons. Some of the aluminum found on Earth was brought here with asteroids or other cosmic bodies that were parts of large stars or supernovae. You can also discuss what sort of evidence would strengthen or refute the argument, what changes in the argument would make it more logically sound, and what, if anything, would help you better evaluate its conclusion.

Choice E addresses the reasons behind not eating animal products, which is irrelevant to the argument. To start, 7, is divisible by 5 because it ends in Gmat essay practice test. Choice B correctly addresses the people who are eliminating meat and states that those people are not increasing their consumption of dairy, which is another instance of using animal products.

Aluminum found on Earth has several vacant electrons that Gmat essay practice test to be artificially removed in order for it to become chemically stable. The passage also mentions that the selective breeding used to create that particular kind of bird also led to tiny beaks that kept parent birds from feeding their babies.

Choice B focuses too specifically on a side comment in the second paragraph.

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The phrasing will regain full dexterity is not promised in the information in the passage, as the passage only states that a routine and consultations may help a survivor exercise more.

There is no way to discern from the information provided that a strong survivor would not regain dexterity without an exercise routine and a consultation, so eliminate B.

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This number shows business schools exactly where you fell with respect to other candidates who took the test. Being given an exercise routine and having a consultation with a doctor about the exercise routine have been shown to be effective mechanisms to get patients to exercise daily.

The last sentence of the first paragraph sets forth this central theme. Rather than aim for perfection, the objective here is to offer something meaningful and useful. D Not all healthy lifestyles require a vegetarian diet.

Based on this claim, some people are completely eliminating meat from their diets in order to be healthier. There may be many other limitations as well.

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Therefore, the best analogy would be another animal that is popular even though it has problems due to its design. E The passage gives a brief description of the pigeon's place in recent human history and then goes on to contrast that with modern perspectives of the birds.

Thanks for signing up. So instead of trying to focus on the shortcomings, use the output as an additional data point and continue using the other GMAT AWA templates or samples that you have, to improve your AWA skills.

Data sufficiency question — System of equations E. Thus, these people are actually reducing the amount of animal products in their diets.

Choice A is incorrect because it leaves out the aspect of popularity. The GMAT exam helps you stand out during the admissions process.

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The GMAT exam helps you stand out during the admissions process. Take the one business school exam that elevates you from the rest of the pack.

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Gmat essay practice test
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