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Some stagecoach stations were already up and running, but the partners would have to place and construct many more. Personable, sophisticated, and politically astuteRussell went to Washington, D. Founders William Russell, Alexander Majors and William Waddell, despite popular myths to the contrary, were not rough drovers or confidence men.

Pony Express

Rather, they were well-established businessmen with a successful record of providing freight service to both the U. In the era before electronic communication, the Pony Express was the thread that tied East to West.

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Well, I should think so. John Frye was the second rider, and I was the third, and Gus Cliff was the fourth. A Brief History More than 1, miles in 10 days.

Most of the original trail has been obliterated either by time or human activities. On that day the Pony Express was officially terminated, but it was not until November that Pony express last letters completed their journey over the route.

America loved Broncho Charlie Miller, whether he was telling the truth or not. Instead, the service was used mostly by newspapers and businesses. Louis from which to channel it to St.

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Heroes on horseback Soon after the start of the Pony Express, the fame of the young riders—some merely boys—began to spread throughout the country. In addition to the discomfort and danger of the rough terrain, harsh Pony express, insects, and scarce water on the trail, hostile Indians threatened riders and station keepers alike.

Louis, along with other important mail to banks and commercial houses in San Francisco. These letters were sent under cover from the East to St. By spring, the whole tribe was ready to embark on a war, except for the Paiute chief named Numaga. Short pristine segments, believed to be traces of the original trail, can be seen only in Utah and California.

The ensuing gunfight left McCanles and his associates dead and Hickok with a reputation as a fearless gunfighter.

With the historic first ride, the Pony Express fulfilled its promise to get the mail from St. Westbound[ edit ] This cent stamp printed by Wells Fargo was canceled in Virginia CityNevadaand used on a revived Pony Express run between there and Sacramento beginning in The logo continued to be used when other companies took over the security business into the s.

Each mochila comprised four reinforced leather boxes, or cantinas, each secured with a small, heart-shaped brass padlock.

Russell, Alexander Majors and William B. Twain wrote that each of these locked pouches would "hold about the bulk of a child's primer," but they could still fit a surprising amount of mail for their size, because to keep loads light Major recalls a maximum of 10 pounds, while a former rider recalled 20the mail was printed on thin tissue paper.

Others—including Henry Wallace, Billy Richardson and Alex Carlyle—also claimed to have been the first to gallop westward. There are only known examples of Pony Express mail. The Pony Express was a special target. Another says the raiders had heard that men at the station had kidnapped two Paiute women, and fighting broke out when they went to investigate and free the women.

At the conclusion of all the speeches, approximately 7: The first book dedicated solely to the Pony Express was not published until Joseph Gazette was the only newspaper included in the bag.

A cursory examination of early 20th-century newspapers in the American West will amply illustrate that they regularly reported the death of the last Pony Express rider. The Butterfield or Oxbow Route went from St.

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When Settle prepared to publish his well-researched account he had a good volume of footnotes, citations prepared, but the editors chose not to use most of them. To help reduce this load, special lightweight saddles were designed and crafted. Capitol building, Washington, D.

Joe over the existing Central Overland route—to Marysville, Kan. Joseph to Sacramento, but telegrams were carried only between the rapidly advancing wire ends. After a rest of nine hours, he retraced his route with the westbound mail where, at Cold Springs, he found that Indians had raided the place, killing the station keeper and running off all of the stock.

In essence, Buffalo Bill saved the memory of that enterprise. Well fed with the best grain, these horses were faster than most Indian mounts, and, in addition to meeting the demands of the schedule, they often saved the lives of riders who were able to outdistance Native American attackers.

The Pony Express should appeal to any who are interested in the history of the American West or American history in general. Though only 18 months old at the time of its death, the pony express casts a long shadow in the American consciousness.

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To begin tracing the hoofprints of the "Pony" visit the Camp Floyd / Stagecoach Inn State Park on state highway 73, 5 miles south of Cedar Fort. At Pony Express Bank we deal with our customers individually, treating people like people, not numbers.

On June 16,about ten weeks after the Pony Express began operations, Congress authorized the a bill instructing the Secretary of the Treasury to subsidize the building of a transcontinental telegraph line to connect the Missouri River and the Pacific Coast.

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April 14, - The Pony Express may be years old, but the celebration continues! Speakers from the National Pony Express Association, Inc. discuss how they honor the Pony Express today.

Pony express
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The Pony Express