Young people cannot teach old generation

If you were something again and your Instagram feed was filled with gorgeous photos of beaches all over the world, you'd want to have a job that allowed you to travel too.

There is a lot to learn from their experience and wisdom. I disagree the following statement that there is nothing that young people can teach older people. Elders have hard time to adjust for this type of work culture. Monday, 14 May Hence, they can help their old generation to use them.

But according to the researchers, old people have a harder time multitasking and can become more forgetful. They aspire to succeed professionally which requires vast knowledge and experience these days. This is the reason they stay happy in old age.

Young people cannot teach old generation anything

Education 2 pages, words V. Many working families rely on grandparents as free babysitters and for nearly all grandparents the role is positive and life affirming. Many elders are new to the technological advancement.

Young people cannot teach old generation anything

He is teaching classes which include government officials, who are older than him. In certain sectors, like research, teaching, banking etc.

For several reasons, I think that young people can teach older people many things. Nowadays it is all about smart phone, smart TV and tablet's generation.

Generation game: what can students and the elderly teach each other?

Unlike the young people who take hasty decisions, they think of every aspect before jumping to conclusions and taking a decision. Older generations respond with statements like, "When I was your age Why, then, as a young person, would you not be confident in your ability to make whatever your idea is become reality.

Because young people will discover a lot about themselves in the process, create more value for themselves, and ultimately be a more valuable resource to you, sure, but it's about more than that. Due to globalization and technological advancement young people are becoming more creative and motivated to learn new skills and to work on those fields.

Not only science and technology have changed the world but also fashion, life style, work culture and many more have changed.

Needless to say, the majority of people who attend those lectures are older than my husband and definitely, they can learn many things from the comparatively young person like my husband.

So, they try to acquire knowledge and experience from different sources like the Internet, books, newspaper, magazines and of course from conversations with other people. It isnot true when people believe that young people cannot teach old generation anything.

10 Things Old People can Teach you

It is true that youth has a lot to teach the older generation in the present day world. There is no denying the fact, that older people generally have more experience, skill, and knowledge/5(1).

Britain has an aging population. There are 10 million people over the age of 65 and, as people are expected to work longer, the older generation are offering a vital contribution to our communities.

The generation gap existing today seems to be larger than ever. There tends to be a huge disconnect between between the older generation and the younger generation, and this is largely a result of misunderstandings from both parties.

However, not only do the older generations have assets to teach the young, but the younger generations have things to teach the older generations, too! Generation Z is the generation.

What can the old and young learn from a life swap?

The Radclyffe School is one of a number using intergenerational projects as a way to help build better relationships between young and old people – and create learning opportunities in the process. Nov 07,  · Older people can learn a lot from today’s generation. The first thing that they will learn eventually is that this generation has changed tremoudously from their generation.

There Is Nothing Young People Can Teach Older People

For example, there are more more crimes now then there ever been in the past.

Young people cannot teach old generation
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What can the old and young learn from a life swap? - BBC News